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Update on the 2014 Winter Guard


The Francis Howell North Winter Guard proudly presents their 2014 program entitled "Unrequited". Using the iconic Dolly Parton song "I Will Always Love You" made famous by Whitney Houston, the guard takes audiences through the journey of Love that is not returned. Local St. Louis artist Emily Wallace lends her amazing voice to this year's soundtrack which has received rave reviews from fans and judges throughout the midwest.

The winter guard is a 2013 WGI World Championships Scholastic Open Class finalist and thus far in 2014, has been named the Scholastic Open Class Champion at the WGI St. Louis, Indianapolis and Kansas City Regionals. In addition they are the 2014 Mid East Regional Champions.

Our Congratulations to the Winter Guard.



Hello Everyone!  Here is an update on Winter Drumline

The 2014 Drum line show is entitled "Moments of Truth". The drum line members have been working hard, but due to the weather, many practices have been canceled. Our trip to Indy was challenging and eventful because of the snowstorm. Thanks to the efforts of parents and the wonderful cooperation of the drum line members we had a great weekend. We have three more MCCGA competitions and everyone is looking forward to our  WGI trip to Dayton, OH.

3/15/14 Hillsboro

3/22/14 O'Fallon, IL

3/29/14 Ozark, MCCGA Championships

4/9-11/14 WGI Championships

Cymbals: Pit

Sam Baalmann                      Michael Beaver

Tanner Gunnett                    Liz Busby

Abby Hinman                       Molli Cannon

Alex Raster                       Zoe Willott

Daniel Mulawa                     Marty Aubuchon

Ethan Aylesworth

Tenor Drum:                       Ethan Slaughter

Andrew Witte                      August Wise

Bass Drum:                        Snare Drum:

Matt VanCoutren                   Hannah Weber

Daycia Cameron                    Jacob Elfrank

Brandon Crump

Jacob Linter

Directors: Aaron Robertson, Taylor Stanton, Andy Filipiak





New Record Numbers for Solo and Ensemble Performances

This past weekend 50 solos and/or ensembles performed at Fort Zumwalt East H.S. from our Band program.

I am proud to announce that 39 of our students achieved a Superior Rating and are going to the State in May.  This is a new record for FHN and the 7th year in a row we have increased this number!

Jeff Moormann

Here are the following students and their accomplishments of 57 total Superior Ratings:

Michael Lindsey - 3 Superior

Matt Schneider - 3 Superior

Brandon Vestal - 3 Superior

Kevin Balch - 2 Superior

Patrick Cradick - 2 Superior

Simon Hart - 2 Superior

Dan Livingstone - 2 Superior

Dan Mulawa - 2 Superior

Patrick Medlin - 2 Superior

Sam Oelklaus - 2 Superior

Erin Rhomberg - 2 Superior

Sean Rhomberg - 2 Superior

Sarah Shepard - 2 Superior

Courtney Vishy - 2 Superior

Matt VanCoutren - 2 Superior

Hannah Weber - 2 Superior

One Superior Rating Each:

Marty Aubuchon

Alex Bishop

Liz Busby

Aiza Bustos

Madeline Corrao

Tanner Gunnett

Emily Grueter

Abby Hinman

Dan House

Catherine House

Deanna Hyde

Brad Kruse

Berlyn Johnson

Rachael Leimkuehler

Jacob Lesinski

Noah Marcum

Liz Mayer

Luke Mayerhoefer

Nick Opich

Paul Rieger

Emily Rish

Zoe Willott


State and District Honors Band

Earlier this year, we  broke another record and had 20 spots earned in the District Honors Band  by 17 students. Last year it was 14 students. All 17 were invited to play at the District Honors Band performance at Chaminade High School.  Later, they applied by taped audition to be included in the State Honors Band and 7 students were honored.  Congratulations to all of these young musician.

State Honors Band Recipients

Erin Rhomberg- Clarinet

Deanna Hyde – Clarinet

Sam Oelklaus- Bass Clarinet Alternate

Matt Schneider- Alto Saxophone Alternate

State Honors Jazz Band

Brandon Vestal - Bari Sax

Michael Lindsey - Trombone

Simon Hart- Bass Trombone Alternate


District Honors Band

Concert Band

Erin Rhomberg 4th Clarinet

Deanna Hyde 10th Clarinet

Sam Oelklaus 1st Bass Clarinet

Matt Schneider 1st Alto Saxophone

Brandon Vestal 1st Tenor Saxophone (choose Jazz)

Matt Vancoutren 2nd Tenor Saxophone

Brandon Vestal 1st Baritone Saxophone (choose Jazz)

Catherine House 3rd Trumpet

Abby Hinman 6th Trumpet

Nick Opich 8th Trumpet

Patrick Cradick 6th Trombone

Patrick Medlin 2nmd Tuba

Brad Kruse 8th French Horn

Michael Lindsey 5th Trombone (choose Jazz)

Kevin Balch Alternate Percussion Option II

Jazz Band

Brandon Vestal 1st Bari Sax

Michael Lindsey 1st Trombone

Sean Rhomberg Alternate Trombone

Simon Hart 1st Bass Trombone

Brenden Eckert 1st Guitar








Have you heard about Trombone Choir?

Paul Ahlemeyer is sponsoring a Trombone Choir this winter to the delight of its' student members. They meet weekly to practice and collaborate with students from  several other schools. The program has been well received.  On January 21st, they were invite to perform at the Scottish Rites Cathedral as part of the Low Brass Spectacular Gala Concert. The Low Brass Collective is in its sixth year and includes individuals interested in celebrating the sound of low brass. Their members include members of the St Louis Symphony and the USAF Band. Participation in the program was an excellent experience for our young musicians.  Thank you Mr. Ahlemeyer, nice job!





Family Arena

First of all Thank you to all that stepped up and help fill in at the last minute for last Saturday.
We all had a great time.

This Saturdays (9/29) call time is 5:00 pm

Cashiers are: 
Katie Dimmit
Mike Grueter
Sarah McCorkel
Jennifer Hardin
Lora Smith
Julie Davis
Lisa Gunnett
Bosong Xiang

We could use 1 or 2 more for runner
But it is not necessary

Thank you This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Logo Band Clothing/Items


I will be in the band room with Tracy/Scrip) 6:00PM - 7:00PM

If you are interested in purchasing FHN Logos items please contact Cheryl Baalmann by email or phone - 314-623-0762 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The blast/website can not handle the size of the order forms. Upon request I will email everything to you.

Items for sale include FHN:
baseball caps
knit caps
fleece hoodie, zip jacket (personalized)
fleece pants
draw string back packs (personalized)
Silk Screen:
wind resistant pullover

I will also be at Lafayette all day on Saturday and will have all order forms with me.
Thank you,
Cheryl Baalmann

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